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NEWSLETTER - EDITION No. 30, February 2020

Dear readers,

The year 2020 has started with many new hopes worldwide to find innovative and good solutions for the challenges of this planet, be it climate change, poverty or health issues. Strong Global Cooperation seems to be more important than ever and we are very glad, that our program also has a role in connecting global players and practitioners!

Our programme has started with an intensive review, brainstorm and planning workshop in Bonn and is now looking forward to many interesting events in 2020. Here we give you a preview of what you can expect.

In addition to this, we will set up in all regions new features for urban practitioners to link up to each other, exchange their experiences and good practices and to quickly get support in development of new ideas from their peers on regional and on global level.

We hope you will be part of some of these events and will enjoy to connect and exchange,

Your Connective Cities Team

Digitalisation of the administration of Nablus
Expert mission from 27 to 30 December 2019 to the Palestinian Territories

In continuation of the Connective Cities Dialogue Event "Strategies for a Digital City" held in Nuremberg in 2018, a lively exchange between the cities of Nuremberg and Nablus developed. In order to deepen the cooperation, two German municipal experts travelled to the Palestinian Territories to advise municipal actors on issues of municipal digitalisation.


The review of the submitted proposals resulted in the selection of two topics now planned for two dialogue events in 2020. A first dialogue event will take place in June 2020 in cooperation with Hamburg Wasser in Hamburg. The topic will be “ Asset Management to optimize water and wastewater infrastructure ”. In the last quarter of 2020 the City of Trier will be hosting a Connective Cities dialogue event on the conflicting interests and potentials of the integration of sustainability in urban development projects.

Climate-proof and Resilient Urban Development
Connective Cities project planning workshop from 21 to 23 April in Portoviejo, Ecuador

The kick-off event of the ongoing learning process on the topic of "climate-proof and climate-resilient urban development" in Latin America last November brought together 32 practitioners in Niterói, Brazil, to develop new project ideas with the help of interactive formats. Four of the project ideas were selected to be further developed with the support of Connective Cities.

Urban Basic Services and Sector Governance
Regional Dialogue Event in Nairobi, Kenya from 12 to 14 May 2020

The functioning of urban communities is largely dependent on basic urban services and their sectoral governance. We invite German and regional experts from Sub-Saharan Africa to discuss and develop joint solutions for improving efficiency in the provision of water, sanitation and sustainable urban mobility. 

Climate Resilient Urban Development
Regional Dialogue Event in Tbilisi, Georgia from 19 to 21 May 2020

As in other regions of the world, the issue of climate-resilient urban development is becoming an important pillar in local sustainability policies. Against this background, we cordially invite German and regional urban practitioners to take part in the Connective Cities dialogue event.

The Role of Decentralization in Promoting Local Economic Development
Regional Network and Dialogue Event in the MENA region in June 2020

The dialogue event will strengthen our regional network and tackle one of our thematic priorities in the region: the role of decentralization in promoting local economic development. Good practices shall contribute to operationalising the Agenda 2030 goals and implementing climate- as well as gender-sensitive urban practices. German and international experts from the MENA-region are invited to join us!

Asset Management to Optimize Water and Wastewater Infrastructure
Announcement for a Connective Cities Dialogue Event in Hamburg, Germany in June 2020

German and international experts who are engaged in water management will have the opportunity to present and discuss different approaches to strategic and practical asset management, life cycle assessment as well as tools and documentation for the maintenance of water and wastewater infrastructure.

Finding experts - registering as an expert
The expert database of the Connective Cities web portal facilitates networking of municipal professionals from Germany and other countries worldwide, interested in a global exchange of their expertise. 
Good Practices
Practical examples from experts for experts
Benefit from our constantly growing collection of successful projects for sustainable urban development, through using it as an inspiration and learning from the experience of practitioners.
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2019 - Solving the Urban Sanitation Crisis in the Global South

Global Roadmap of Action

2019 - Towards Sustainale Mobility

Understanding Infrastructure Interdependencies in Cities

2019 - Neuni Farhad  | C40 Cities

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19.03.2020 // Copenhagen, Denmark

Nordic Smart Cities 2020

Towards Intelligent, Inclusive & Liveable Cities for Everyone

01.04.2020 bis 03.04.2020 // Lisbon, Portugal

Urban Future Global Conference 2020

The UFGC2020 gathers CityChangers from all over the world

07.04.2020 bis 08.04.2020 // Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Middle East Smart Landscape Summit 2020

Middle East's leading event for healthy natural environments and sustainable communities.

15.04.2020 bis 18.04.2020 // Aachen, Germany

Real Corp 2020

Shaping Urban Change – Livable City Regions for the 21st Century

06.05.2020 bis 08.05.2020 // Innsbruck, Austria

CEMR2020: Congress of European Municpalities and Regions

Local action. Global shift. Living the Sustainable Development Goals.

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