Urban Transformations: In Tanzania’s Capital, Safer Children Mean Better Neighborhoods

Highest-risk schools see more than 12 students injured or killed in road crashes every year. A programme is changing this situation.

Designated crossings like the one above help make students' walks to school safer. Photo by Kyle Laferriere

Amend, a global road safety nonprofit, is working to save children’s lives by changing the roads they traverse. The School Areas Road Safety Assessments and Improvements (SARSAI) program targets schools in Dar es Salaam with the highest rates of student injuries and creates corridors of improved safety between children’s homes and their schools.Simple solutions - which cost only about $25,000 per school - are already reshaping Dar es Salaam. SARSAI has helped more than 38,000 students there to date, as well as many more family members, who worry less about their children’s walks to school, and neighbors, who benefit from safer pedestrian infrastructure.

Amend started SARSAI in 2012 to work with two schools in Dar es Salaam. It’s now expanded to 26 other high-risk school areas in the city – and won the WRI Ross Prize for Cities.


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Madeleine Galvin and Anne Maassen, World Resources Institute
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