17.05.2021 - 22.05.2021  // online

Sustainable Urban Energy Planning in Southeast Europe

Virtual Connective Cities Dialogue Event

Photo: Eviart | shutterstocks

We cordially invite urban practitioners from Southeast Europe to take part in the virtual Dialogue Event on "Sustainable Urban Energy Planning in Southeast Europe (SEE)"as part of the Connective Cities second learning process for this region.

Energy has a paramount impact on nearly all fields of human endeavour. From classic security interests to development and empowerment now embedded more in recent decarbonisation and green growth strategies, energy is becoming instrumental at all levels of governance. Modern day cities should build on robust understanding of urban energy systems, improve sustainable energy planning and find new adaptive solutions to increased demand strengthening energy efficiency standards and low-carbon renewable sources. 

Energy turnover has no alternative in Southeast Europe (SEE). As a coal-dependent net energy importers' region, SEE faces a challenging energy transition addressing three overarching objectives: energy security, environmental protection, and competitiveness. The region as a whole urgently needs to modernise its energy systems and infrastructure, The region is currently mulling its energy future, under immense pressure from local citizen groups, climate activists, and the sector's shifting economics. 

The virtual event aims to facilitate development of local innovative project ideas, especially in the aftermath of the COVID-19. It is structured around three critical issues,  and there will be working groups to address three specific focus areas:

  1. Boosting energy efficiency in municipalities    
  2. Fostering municipal energy production and supply through Renewable Energy Sources (RES) 
  3. Promoting innovative municipal financing in sustainable energy projects

The proposed Dialogue Event aims to promote an exchange of relevant municipal expertise in energy efficiency and renewable energy through a facilitated peer-to-peer consultation among urban practitioners from SEE and Germany.

To apply for a participant spot, please send us an e-mail with your function and organisation as well as a short description of the project you would like to showcase. 

The deadline for application is 16 April 2021.
For more information please download our Call for Participants (pdf).


Dr. Irakli Samkharadze
GIZ Regional Network Coordinator Connective Cities – Southeast Europe 

Alice Balbo
Connective Cities Project Manager at the German Association of Cities

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