Good Practices on Good Urban Governance

Good Urban Governance

Amman - strengthening social responsibility


With a prudent vision, the Greater Amman Municipality implemented several hard and soft measures to curb the impact of…


Crisis teams: A successful crisis management tool


Better preparedness enables municipalities to cope better with crises like the corona pandemic. But what makes for good…


Communicating clearly on multiple channels


How can municipalities reach out to their residents to inform them about their COVID-19 strategy?

The key to the City…


Bremen: Good crisis management pays off in times of COVID-19


For years now, the Bremen-based wastewater utility company hanseWasser has been investing in efficient crisis and…


Enhancing the Trust of the Citizens in Local Governance through Digital Transformation in Tunisia


In cooperation with the National Center for Information, Sfax municipality joined the national system ‘INJAZ’ for the…


From Berlin to Jakarta


On the face of it, Kariem El-Ali’s job does not sound much out of the ordinary: El-Ali is from Berlin and works for the…