Good Practices on Integrated Urban Development

Integrated Urban Development

Bizerte – pioneering municipal energy efficiency in Tunisia


Bizerte municipality in Tunisia has set an ambitious vision to transition into a smart municipality by 2050.  The…


Towards Climate Neutrality in Lviv


Lviv has the vision to become a climate neutral city. Starting off with the systemic implementation of energy solutions,…


Karak in Jordan: local actions for climate protection


In line with the Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) of Jordan for 2030, Karak municipality has committed to a 14%…


Kruševac’s Vision - “A city accessible to all"


The Vision of Kruševac’s SUMP is that the urban environment and traffic should contribute to the city’s development. The…


Hebron – Promoting a healthy learning environment in public schools


The “Dr. Hafiz Abd-Nabi” public school was constructed as a green building that is naturally ventilated, heated and…


Stari Grad – how vaccination campaigns can reach groups at risk


As in many other countries, people in Serbia who want to be vaccinated have to book an appointment online and then get…