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Climate Resilient Urban Development in Southeast Europe

2020 - Connective Cities Regional Virtual Dialogue Event, 8-19 June - 2020 Workshop Documentation

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Ms. Ani Sisordia

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Connective Cities


The virtual event was the first component of the learning process conducted by Connective Cities in Southeast Europe. The aim of the virtual event was to support knowledge exchange and networking by increasing the visibility of good practices from municipalities in SEE region on one hand, and on the other hand by facilitating the needed virtual space and tools to create innovative solutions for local challenges through knowledge exchange and peer-to-peer consultations.

The virtual event, thus, supported transforming dialogue and exchange possibilities into a digital and remote format especially during and in the aftermath of the COVID-19 outbreak affecting heavily the lifestyle of urban dwellers and planers. As this will include effects on sustainable urban development, municipal urban practitioners need to develop more innovative and agile processes to improve future crises responses. Here, the interest was mainly in pragmatic solutions and approaches that can be applied or adapted to the different regional/local contexts. Furthermore, the event offered a virtual platform to discuss the challenges around the theme of climate resilient urban development and supported municipalities in developing new project ideas among peers that can be further implemented in the respective home communities or in the framework of existing or new thematic municipal partnerships.


COVID-19 Klimaneutrale Stadtentwicklung Connective Cities Good Urban Governance Krisenmanagement Öffentliche Gesundheit Integrierte Stadtentwicklung Nachhaltige Mobilität Öffentlicher Raum Stadt und Klimawandel Lokale Wirtschaftsentwicklung Green Urban Economy


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